Hippies, Hammocks, Havens and a bit of Tranquilo in El Bolsón, Argentina

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In El Bolsón, the most strenuous activity might be getting in and out of the hammocks A stream with crystal clear glacial water provided the soundtrack for the idyll afternoons The late afternoon sun peeked through the leaves on the walnut tree, flickering as the breeze swayed my hammock ever so slightly from side to side. I had been in…

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Icy wombs and glacial tombs in Argentinian Patagonia

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Argentinian Patagonia The view outside of the aircraft window on the flight from Buenos Aires down to El Calafate was dominated by a rather barren landscape, mostly brown and dry, punctuated by the occasional lake, gleaming like a blue gem on a brown tablecloth. Largely an arid semi-desert steppe, most of Argentinian Patagonia is sparsely populated, with settlements in and…

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