Little girl by the roadside Potosi Bolivia

Portraits from a month in Bolivia

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Cheeky sisters across the table having lunch at the Mercado Central in Sucre   Faces of Bolivia Named after Latin American independence hero Simon Bolivar, who had a hand in the liberation of Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia from their Spanish overlords, Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America. Having lost its sole access to the ocean and…

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Man on water Isla del Sol Bolivia

Scruffy kids, Inca gods and legendary tales at Isla del Sol, Bolivia

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Isla del Sol We were searching high and low for the fabled Titikala, or Rock of the Puma, legendary birthplace of the Incas. Inca lore has it that the children of Viracocha (creator god), first Inca Manco Cápac together with Mama Ocllo stepped out from a large crag in the Rock of the Puma founded the Inca civilisation. A corruption of the name Titikala probably gave rise…

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Girls in costume san juan de dios sucre bolivia

Catholic saints and mini skirts at the festival of San Juan de Dios in Sucre, Bolivia

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A boy poking his head out of a heavily decorated car following the procession   The loud incessant clanging of cymbals and banging of drums startled me from my afternoon siesta. Momentarily disorientated, my drowsy head took a moment before it registered where I was, our recent spate of bus journeys had blurred the lines between the cities and towns…

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Lady vendor with wares Tarabuco Bolivia

Coca leaves and Yampara ladies in Tarabuco Bolivia

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Left to his own devices as his parents are working I left my job as an advertising Creative Director in August 2012 to travel Africa and South America for a year with my wife, documenting these beautiful places with my Fuji X-Pro1. View the rest of my RTW adventures on Handcarry Only and follow me on my journey by subscribing/following/bookmarking.

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Laguna Colorada Bolivian Altiplano

Pink flamingos in a fairytale lake at Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

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In what must be a teenage girl’s ultimate fantasy, we came arrived at Laguna Colorada to be greeted by thousands of pink flamingos set amidst a pink and red lake within the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve in the Bolivian altiplano. The morning sun had barely peeked up from the horizon, and the air was thin and cold, after all, we…

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