My Thoughts On Communism

Portraits from Trinidad, Cuba

Domino players by a sidestreet in Trinidad Cuba

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laguna colorada bolivia

10 Months On The Road – From Africa to South America

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Roughly ten months ago, we embarked on this round the world journey. I had left my job to take off on this trip, this flight of fancy, travelling Africa and South America, not quite sure of what to expect but certain that the sudden plunge into uncertainty would beat the dreary routine that had been gnawing away at me for a while.

Mexico taxi window rush hour

Mexico Through A Cab Window

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We arrived in the rain, heaving our multiple bags into a cab whilst trying not to trip on the slippery pavement. Without any pre booked accomodation, we had picked the most promising sounding hostel on Lonely Planet and proceeded to flag a cab down to take us there.

man cycling past crumbling cuban sign

My thoughts on Communism

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Firstly, let me preface what I’m about to say by declaring that Handcarry Only was never meant to be a political blog, nor am I a particularly astute political pundit. Nevertheless, it is impossible to have visited Cuba and not have an opinion about the political system that pervades all aspects on life here, communism.

cuban man standing in front of blue wall

More Portraits from Trinidad Cuba

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Beautiful as Trinidad is, it would be missing the point simply to visit and the see the ‘sights’, nothing in particular has been packaged as an attraction, not in the typical tourist sense of the word anyway. The true magic of the place is the atmosphere, the people, the laid-back lifestyle and the fantastically intriguing sample of humanity on offer.